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Monday, July 17, 2006

Columbus Daze

July 2nd: Columbus Daze 150th Anniversary Parade, Columbus, NE
On Sunday, after praying for rain, I ended up driving to Columbus in blazing sun and heat, but happy to listen to Lightning Bolt's latest, Hypermagic Mountain. I parked near the end of the parade route, and walked in reverse to meet up with the HahnCrew. And it was almost unbearably hot, with no shade on the streets, but lots of people on the sides. Team Hahn had a Hahn Dog, Hahn Strollers, and Frank LaMere walking with us this time, along with Ruth Hahn emphatically repeating "He's the man, He's my husband!" After the end of this rather long parade, my camera eye cup was entirely fogged up, I had sweat running down my face and my body, and I returned to my car, pumped the air conditioner, and sped back to Lincoln to see my recently arrived friends from Providence. Definitely had some heat stroke after this one.


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